Free Destiny 2 Trials and Comp Carries

Diffizzle is offering free Trials of Osiris and Competitive (Survival) carries in Destiny 2 Crucible. Here is it how it works.

Whenever Diffizzle is streaming on Twitch you can enter his chat and wait for him to start a raffle. The keyword will be unique for each raffle and you just got to say it in chat to participate. The winner will be chosen entirely random except on Sundays where subscribers have double the chances to get picked. Whether fizz is helping with comp or trials is decided by the day of the week. So if it’s the weekend he is playing trials (unless it is deactivated for some odd reason) and the rest of the week he helps you with the glory playlist.

Usually it is a single carry and Sam is playing with some of his friends which include Newberry, Frost, Dennis, GernaderJake etc.

Please, make sure you are ready (game launched, trials mercy card acquired and are ready to join discord with a working headset). Diffizzle will send you an invite to discord via Twitch DMs and you his fireteam join him by typing !join in Twitch chat.

Good luck, guardian!

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