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Taking a 7 year old flawless

How young can you achieve the golden chest? Well this seven year old is one of the youngest to ever go flawless! This is a little bid older of a story but we think this is so wholesome that anyone should be allowed to re-watch and enjoy the little kid being excited like it was Christmas. It also has one of the best thumbnails fizz has ever used on YouTube.

A father of a seven year old Destiny player has asked Diffizzle to carry his son to the Lighthouse – a task most pvp players struggle on their own. Fizz simply replied “I can carry anyone to flawless” and he delivered on the cocky statement.

There is also a big reddit thread from the dad of the amazing offspring (probably one of the youngest players to ever achieve flawless in Destiny 2).

YouTube player

Hope you guys enjoyed this special edition of Trials of Osiris carries. See you on the next one, guardians! Special shoutout to BennyJits and his dad. <3

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