Trials of Osiris

Revenge of the Sherpas with Denni and Silence

On July the 4th, 2022 Diffizzle and the boys went into Trials of Osiris to get their revenge. The plan to pay each team that beat them $100 was quickly gaining attention and some teams matched up over and over again. The map was Wormhaven and the meta was worm infested as well. With a lot of Void Hunters being invisible and some Void Titans abusing overshields and regens like no tomorrow this should be an exciting day of PVP gameplay aka “who cheeses the best”?

So here is the entire stream in which *SPOILER ALERT* Diffizzle and his squad lost a total of eight games, thus going -$800 on the day – still an amazing achievement in this cheesy meta.

The aftermath

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Cheers to everyone that participated and congratulations to the winners! See you next time, Guardians! Special shoutout to Kurxur, dxv and Arima – the three Nightstalkers nightmares are made of! Check out their clan Freeziä if you like.

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